Vote for “The Capital” in the NHL’s Guardian Project Poll

Posted January 13, 2011

Apparently back when we were all concentrating on HBO, the Winter Classic, and ummm winning the game, the Penguins and their fans were busy voting for their comic book character to get released first. What the hell am I talking about? The Guardian Project, which you can read all about over at Gunaxin (and enter to win a Jersey and Graphic Novel). While the team lost the ability to be unveiled as the first Guardian, our time has come once again in a poll against the Anaheim Duck. If you aren’t inspired enough already to see what a Washington Capitals’ themed comic book hero would look like, check out this quote that they sent me, “After a humiliating defeat to the rival Penguins, the Washington Capital is looking to rebound versus the Anaheim Duck.” So lets do our fan base a favor, and show that we’re a better hockey town than Anaheim at least.