Milbury Compares Ovechkin to Ochocinco

Posted November 27, 2010

Mike Milbury just can’t resist commenting on Alex Ovechkin, and of course, comparing him to Sidney Crosby. This time it was in relation to the recent post-game incident in New Jersey. In the follow-up discussion, Milbury mentioned how Crosby trains all off-season and gets better, and all Ovechkin does is party apparently. He then went on to compare Crosby to Peyton Manning or Tom Brady, while Ovie is more like Chad Ochocinco. The comparison is obviously absurd. If anything Crosby is Manning; dorky, boring, but a smart traditional leader. While Ovie is more like Brady, with swagger, style, and bangs the super models. All Capitals fans need is for Ovechkin to win more championships than Sidney to make that comparison complete. You can find the full video via Hockey Night in Canada, or check out just the segment in question below :