Ketchup Effect? Capital’s Offensive on the Right Track

Posted November 6, 2010

This article is translated from Swedish and reprinted with permission from It is written by Simone Götesson.

Washington Capitals offense has not been the same during the season beginning. Until now.The team has been exploded and made 17 goals in three games. Answers after the first ten rounds? 27 goals. Talk about ketchup effect.

We have started getting into it, if I say so, “says a satisfied Nicklas Backstrom after Friday’s 5-3 win against Boston.

WASHINGTON DC. It started in Calgary last Saturday, when the team won with 7-2, after making all six goals in the middle period.

“We started to fit the puck better, especially in the power play, and then we continued on that line. We play the puck a little quicker now and then the chances, “said Nicklas Backstrom and talk about more details of the change:

“We are trying to move a bit more, work more on the fore check in and try to work them the better, since we have had some dividend on the shots too.

That it was just defeated the Boston is particularly invigorating. Two of the team’s four losses have come against the great Boston.

“It’s very nice actually. There is, I think Boston is an incredibly good team, they are probably the best team we’ve met so far,” he says.

Trading Places
The offensive has thus become better, but still remains a lot of work for the team. For a better offensive seems to have found a worse defensive. The team has, in a short time, lost the lead two games in a row. Against Toronto last Wednesday, it took just over three minutes in the 3-1 to get to 3-4. Last night they released, the position 3-0, two goals in the past so strong boxplayspelet, by 55 seconds. Boston’s acknowledgment came just over five minutes later.
– It has become a bit counter to, but we win anyway, it’s lucky there,” said Backstrom, who accounted for two assists.

Marcus Johansson was over, even this match – hip pain – but probably play on Sunday against the Philadelphia Flyers.