Kohls Finally Selling Capitals Shirts

Posted February 15, 2010

In this area, Kohls department stores carry plenty of Redskins and Ravens shirts, hats and jackets, and the Silver Spring store has practically an entire section of Terps stuff. I’ve also seen Nationals stuff there, and even random teams like the Texas Longhorns.

But no Caps stuff.

That all changed on my last trip. They actually had two – count ’em – TWO – types of Capitals T-shirts.

One was a black T-shirt with the Capitals logo on the front and #8 Ovechkin on the back. The other was a pre-faded red Caps logo T-shirt (you know, the one that are meant to look like they’ve been through the wash 500 times).

Thank you Silver Spring Kohls for finally realizing that the Capitals exist and that you can make money selling a hot product.

But wait! There’s more. On Kohls.com, you can buy… a Washington Capitals Checkbook Cover!