P.G. County Comcast Users Miss Game

Posted November 28, 2009

For the second straight week, when the Wizards and Capitals played on the same night, the Wizards, with their bottom-of-the-standings record, got top billing on Comcast SportsNet, while the Capitals were pushed to CSN+, which many subscribers don’t even get. As a P.G. County resident, once again I switched to Comcast channel 25, only to see another message displayed ‘This channel will be available shortly.’

I called Comcast, and they told me that channel 25 was doing ‘an upgrade’ and it will be available within 24-48 hours. Never mind that the Capitals were also supposed to be shown on 25 last Saturday, and the same message came up.

Comcast, twice you deprived me of watching a Capitals game. I didn’t complain last week because they lost, but after tonight’s 4-3 overtime victory against Montreal, and the Wizards losing badly at home against the Bobcats, I couldn’t be more unhappy with my (lack of) service.

And of course, there’s no point in switching to Direct TV because then I wouldn’t be able to see the NHL on Vs.

Here is Comcast’s response to my complaint, which has nothing to do with the ‘upgrade’ the other person told me about.

Dear Ben,
My name is Janai, and I appreciate you taking the time to contact us
concerning your account. We have received your email regarding the sports programming, which is available in your area. We appreciate your interest. Comcast Cable of Maryland broadcasts the games of local sports teams. Due to contractual obligations with the teams you have inquired about and others, we are unable to broadcast games on local cable channels unless authorized by the league organization. The Federal Communications Commission requires all local cable systems in the country to carry all “local” signals that demand carriage. “Local” is defined as any full power television signal that originates within the same Designated Market Area (DMA), as identified by the A.C. Nielsen Company. Although we are unable to provide the specific programming requested, Comcast Digital Cable offers subscription packages featuring professional and college sports programming. You may choose to subscribe to the NHL, NBA, WNBA, MLS, College Football and College Basketball packages. For more information or to subscribe to any of our packages, please Customer Service at 1-800-COMCAST. If there is anything else we can help you with, please contact us. Thank you for choosing Comcast.
Comcast Customer Care