Simeon Varlamov Save on Sidney Crosby

Posted May 2, 2009

Crosby's shot heads towards the open net.

Simeon Varlamov just made the save of the Playoffs (and the year for the Capitals) against Sidney Crosby. The play came towards the end of the second period of Game 1, on a spectacular passing play for the Penguins. As you can see by these still photos, essentially the entire net was empty, with the exception of Varlamov’s stick which made the save cleanly, with no replay needed. Additional stills and Video after the jump.


Varlamov stops the shot right on the line.

Varlamov robs Crosby.

Varlamov robs Crosby.

Thanks to Hockey Streams for the quick work on the Video:

… and here is a nice HD version which came online later: