Man Attends Game as Leonsis

Posted April 5, 2009


I was standing on the metro elevator for the Caps-Thrashers game when I saw the guy in front of me wearing a shirt with the number ’00’ and the name “Leonsis” on the back. Sure enough, he had the hair and goatee to match. On the front of the shirt was a photo of Donald Brashear and the text “My #87 can beat up your #87.”

No offense to all the people wearing their Ovechkin, Semin, Green and Backstrom jersies, but this guy, Matt Gorsuch, wins the creativity award. And Ted, if you’re reading, I encourage you to invite him up into your box.

Update: After I posted this article, Gorsuch was named “Fan of the game” early in the first period. I also saw him after the game on the metro and we exchanged greetings.

Editor’s Note: Additional information, including additional photos, on Ted’s biggest fan can be found at Capitals Kremlin and DC Sports Bog.