Random Jersey: Sarah Palin?

Posted March 13, 2009

palin_jerseyIn this installment of Random Jersey, we bring you a Sarah Palin #12. Obviously the 12 represents 2012, the year this devoted fan believes Sarah will be elected president. Good luck with that buddy. This is clearly one of the worst investments ever, and makes my Jagr jersey purchase seem comparably smart. This photo comes to us via Dan Steinberg’s D.C. Sports Bog.

Have you seen any random jerseys at the phone booth? That guy who still clings to his Pat Peake or John Druce sweater? Someone still sporting the Mike Liut or Byron Dafoe? If so, shoot a picture with your cell phone camera and send it into us at [email protected]. We’ll post it on the site, and share your find with the world. If you are wearing something a bit funny on your own back, feel free to send that in as well. Brian Bellows or Esa Tikkanen jersey gets extra props.