Braden Holtby Bobblehead Wins Election By a Landslide

Posted November 8, 2016

A fan poses with a cardboard cutout of the Braden Holtby bobblehead. (Caps Outsider)

Fans of all ages voted on social media Tuesday, ultimately selecting the Braden Holtby bobblehead as the one they want manufactured and handed out to the Verizon Center faithful.

While we projected Holtby to win as soon as the candidates were announced, the vote was closer than we thought.


Snapchat – 797
Facebook – 1,626
Twitter – 2,340
Instagram – 77
Total votes: 4,840
Vote percentage: 47%


Snapchat – 879
Facebook – 659
Twitter – 1,421
Instagram – 56
Total votes: 3,015
Vote percentage: 29%


Snapchat – 362
Facebook – 467
Twitter – 1,588
Instagram – 30
Total Votes: 2,447
Vote percentage: 24%

These stats according to the Caps’ polling site.

The bobblehead will be given away at the Tuesday, March 21 vs. Calgary.


Here is the frontrunner for next year:


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