Scenes from the 2015 Winter Classic

Posted January 3, 2015

Many perfect pixels have already been written about the perfect 2015 Winter Classic, and many perfect photos have already been shared.


Preparing for the National Anthem

However I wanted to share an additional gallery of images, that are not nearly as perfect as the event. This Winter Classic I attended as a fan, and although I brought my camera, I was determined not to experience too much of the event through its lens, as many of  us do that far too often.


Brouwer and Kuznetsov with the biggest pregame stretch smiles ever.

So instead I used it only to get closer to scenes that were difficult to see with my naked eye. Scenes of children playing hockey on the reflecting pool, of game staff preparing for the big event, photographers capturing the moments, and players engaged in an epic battle.


Youth Hockey Players on the Reflecting Pool


Relax, Joe Reekie is in charge here Toews.

I know many of my photos are blurry, they’re far from professional quality, and all of them were taken from the exact same perspective.

1000s of people had the exact same view I did.

1000s of people had the exact same view I did.

It’s the perspective from my seat, magnified by a 200mm lens. I share them for any who were unable to make it to the ballpark, and have only images from television and professional photographers to appreciate this event.


Those pads were a thing of beauty, and so was the guy wearing them.

Or for the folks working at the event, who will be searching online photo galleries for a glimpse of the contribution they made to the 2015 Winter Classic.


Free Pucks after warmups. Free sticks later.

Or for fans who were unable to make out in detail what was going on far from their vantage point.


This is how it’s done Sidney.

So below is a gallery of sixty additional photographs. Please enjoy and feel free to share them with your friends for whatever reason makes you happy. It’s amazing what you can see from just one seat in a ballpark that holds over 42,000 of them.

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