Steve “Norris” Oleksy Brushes His Teeth Before Games

Posted November 6, 2013

(Photos by Caps Outsider)

Capitals defenseman Steve Oleksy joined the Post Sports Live crew, along with a room full of rowdy Caps fans on Wednesday, talking about life as a hockey player and his long road to the NHL.

“You gotta take care of them, you never know when you might lose them,” Oleksy says of his teeth, and why he brushes them before games. Speaking of teeth, he doesn’t have any of Vincent Lecavalier’s stuck in his knuckles from their fight Friday.

Other fun facts Oleksy dished out:

  • Oleksy really likes golf, especially Rickie Fowler
  • He’s single
  • Jack Hillen talks politics, and Oleksy doesn’t really care
  • Before his first flight with the Caps, he went to buy snacks for the trip, not knowing the TEAM TAKES CARE OF THAT
  • He loves Unleash the Fury
  • He likes how anthem singers Caleb Green and Bob McDonald throw a fist pump after the anthem.
  • He loves the movie Slap Shot (then again, what hockey player doesn’t?)
  • He used to room with the Islanders’ Matt Donovan, who he played against last night

These are just a sampling of the many things Oleksy had to say, and he ended the segment expressing gratitude to the fans for their support. The Post will put up video of the event soon and we will direct you that way.


Post Sports Live host Jonathan Forsythe, hockey editor Lindsay Applebaum, Oleksy, and writer Neil Greenberg.


Goat and Oleksy.

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