What Matt Hendricks Is Thinking

Posted September 25, 2013

“Money money money money…. muh-neeee!” (Photos by Caps Outsider)

Nashville Predator and former Caps fan-favorite Matt Hendricks made his return to Verizon Center for the first time since leaving the Caps, a franchise he stayed with for three memorable seasons. Here is what he was thinking during warm-ups (Note: we don’t know if he was really thinking any of this).


“Unsung hero in Colorado: Check. Unsung hero in DC: Check. Nashville: You better believe it.”


“Wait’ll they see my new move – the Disabler.”


“Fourth line smorsh line. I’m at least a third line.”

"Worst memory in D.C.: Hearing Ovi's Russian techno music."

“Worst memory in D.C.: Hearing Ovi’s Russian techno music.”


“Off to leave a gift in Alzner’s skates.”

Read more about Hendricks’s return to D.C. on CSNWashington’s site.

Ben Sumner
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