What Alex Semin Is Thinking

Posted April 11, 2013

Я люблю Северная Каролина. Вот где Tar Heels играть. (Photos by Caps Outsider)

Alex Semin and the Carolina Hurricanes came back to Verizon Center on Thursday to play the Capitals. Here is what he was thinking during warm-ups.


Stupid Washington. I speak English that whole time I was here. Now I fool Carolina too.


I wonder if Jill Sorenson still works for Comcast.


Here I am, rock you like a hurricane!


Sequester cost me so much money.


Slashing, tripping, hooking. Slashing, tripping, hooking. These are bad English words.


I didn’t like it here. They called me… Jazz? Jibbs? It wasn’t funny.

Disclaimer: We really don’t know if Semin was thinking any of this.

Ben Sumner
Ben Sumner is the editor of Capitals Outsider. He also works for The Washington Post and contributes there when he gets a scoop.
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