Not Everyone Dislikes Pierre McGuire

Posted March 10, 2013

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

I absolutely love it when the Caps play the Sunday matinee hockey game on NBC. Not because I can enjoy a delicious Sunday brunch while watching the game or because I can cheer on the Caps in my pajamas, but because I can see my idol. No, not a hunky hockey player, but my favorite “Inside the Glass” reporter, Pierre McGuire. My fascination with McGuire goes way back—well, at least since he started his current gig with NBC. Maybe it’s because my favorite movie as a young girl–and I mean a very young girl—was The King and I starring Yul Brynner, or because he has the courage to report from ‘inside the glass’ while Mike Emrick and Ed Olczyk sit safely in the press box. But the simple fact is that he’s good at his job.

Being a conscientious journalist with discriminating taste myself, it’s no wonder McGuire caught my eye. Before joining NBC Sports, McGuire was the game analyst for TSN Canada’s national NHL broadcasts. He was selected eight times by The Hockey News as one of the game’s 100 most powerful and influential people. And he also writes a column for Sport Illustrated. Impressive.

McGuire can be seen each Sunday afternoon on the NHL on NBC. He stands between the teams’ benches unprotected with microphone in hand, ready to comment or ready to interview a player or coach– and, hopefully, ready to duck– at a moment’s notice.

He may not be scoring the goals or making the hits, but I’d like to meet this brave, savvy sports journalist. Maybe I could ask him for a few pointers or observe his expertise as he interviews the hockey greats. Maybe. Anyway, I will continue to satisfy my fascination by watching the NHL on NBC and not moving a muscle during intermissions when I get to see Pierre McGuire report from ‘Inside the Glass’.  Be still my heart!

BTW, the Caps’ goal scorer, Steve Oleksy, thanked McGuire after the game.