Thank You Matt Bradley Box Score

Posted February 22, 2011

Michal Neuvirth getting another shutout and the Caps beating the Penguins, 1-0, will make all the headlines, but the Matt Cooke fiasco was the part we were anticipating.

To refresh everyone’s memory, Cooke is a f*$^&#%^@$%!$%@&%$&@!^%$%.

In Monday’s game, Matt Bradley charged Cooke. Later, Bradley fought with Ryan Craig (because the Penguins as of late have been sending their call-ups to fight the Caps). Meanwhile, DJ King didn’t get his fight, likely because no Penguin agreed. That is indeed a presumption, but considering the bad blood between the two teams, it’s fair to assume King was looking to drop the gloves with someone and couldn’t find a partner.

Click on the box score for a larger version, and see Bradley’s fight after the jump.

From, Matt Bradley fights another Penguins call-up, Ryan Craig.

Ben Sumner
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