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An Inspirational Blogger

Posted September 30, 2010

It’s not uncommon in sports to hear about an inspirational story about a player with a disability to overcome great odds and accomplish something in the sport. For instance, a few years ago an autistic basketball player finally got a chance to play in a game, and ended up hitting a three pointer, and just recently a player with Down’s Syndrome scored a touchdown in football (with some help from the other team – but who cares?).

What does this have to do with blogging, or hockey?

This. John Panarese, a contributor  for Fansided’s Islanders blog, Eyes on Isles, is blind. But instead of me telling his story, check out his post, “From the Blind Perspective, the Five Reasons Why I Love the Game of Hockey.”

Washington Capitals 2018 Stanley Cup Champs Gear