Fans Toss Hats for Non-Hat-Trick

Posted October 17, 2009

IMG_1884Alex Ovechkin scored his third goal of the game against Nashville on Saturday and naturally, the fans threw their hats onto the ice.

Only, it wasn’t a hat-trick. It was a shootout goal, which doesn’t count toward players’ goal stats.

“I don’t think it’s ever been done in the history of hockey. That’s a Washington original,” Coach Bruce Boudreau said in the press conference, as the journalists erupted in laughter. Play was halted for a few minutes to clean up the hats. “Find out if anyone has ever thrown hats for a goal that doesn’t count as a hat-trick,” Boudreau said. (Incidentally, the Associated Press used Boudeau’s answer to CapitalsOutsider’s question for its game story.)

Ovechkin, who leads the league in scoring, hasn’t recorded a hat-trick this season, but has four multiple goal games.

Ben Sumner
Ben Sumner is the editor of Capitals Outsider. He also works for The Washington Post and contributes there when he gets a scoop.
Ben Sumner
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