For the First Time Since 1974, Caps Are +1

Posted April 18, 2022

What were the betting odds of Garnet Hathaway scoring the first +1 goal for the Caps since 1974? (Caps Outsider)

For the first time since their inaugural game back in 1974, the Capitals have an overall positive goal differential, after a 3-2 win against the Avalanche on Monday.

While the Caps had a couple of leads in that inaugural game, then fell to almost -800 in their first eight seasons, and it’s only taken until now to make their way back. Even recently, they haven’t made it easy on themselves, as they were -5 back in January, before slumping. John Carlson last month got the first zero goal since 1974, and then they slumped again. Recently, the Caps hit zero several times, and then Garnet Hathaway scored the first goal against the Avs to put them at +1. The Avs then traded goals with the Caps, as both Alex Ovechkin and Marcus Johansson each got them back to +1.

See the data here.

In total, the Caps have scored 11,706 goals and given up 11,705.

We’re now hoping the Caps will put this statistic in the rear-view mirror as we’re not interesting in covering a seesaw of plus/minus goal differentials, but it’s at least noteworthy that they’ve finally crossed the threshold.

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