Aliaksei Protas Scores First Career Goal

Posted November 28, 2021

(via the Caps)

Aliaksei Protas, the Caps’ 6’6 Belarusian forward, scored his first career goal on Sunday as he flung the puck across the crease, only to have it bounce off a defenseman’s skate and into the net. The goal gave the Caps a 2-0 lead, and they eventually won, 4-2.

“It feels unreal,” Protas said after the game. “I had really good chances created by the Ovi and Kuzy line in first period, so just couldn’t get in. So I just try to put the puck in the net but more simple, so it got it, so it’s an unreal season.”

It was the 11th NHL game for Protas, who also has three assists on the season.

He was presented with the Viking hatchet of the game by Alex Ovechkin, even though he won it three games ago.

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