Stingrays Show Off New Look

Posted August 26, 2020

via the Stingrays

The South Carolina Stingrays on Wednesday showed off their new jersey, where they’re making red part of their permanent look. This will be their ‘dark’ uniform, presumably replacing the blue uniforms that they normally wear.

“A few years ago, we incorporated a red jersey during the 2016-17 season that was very similar to what the Capitals wear,” said Stingrays President Rob Concannon. “We received a great response from our fans, our season ticket holders and our players. Last year we discussed doing something similar for the upcoming season and we reached out to the Capitals. We are thrilled with how the jersey came out and are very proud of our affiliation. Both our white and red jerseys now incorporate a Lowcountry feel while aligning ourselves with Capitals organization.”

The team has added a palmetto tree and crescent moon to the center of the collar on both primary jerseys this season, each a well-known symbol from the South Carolina state flag.

Caps Outsider likes this move but do not believe the Hershey Bears should do the same. Their jerseys are just fine.

The jersey is now available for purchase thru the team’s online store.

Stingrays Emulate Capitals With New Third Jersey