Caps Global Fan Series- Josh Kirby (Virginia, USA)

Posted February 23, 2020

Following your hometown team from a young age and being alongside them all the way to a championship is a special experience. For DC sports fanatic Josh Kirby, the Capitals form an integral part of his sporting passion. Hailing from Stephens City, Virginia, the 21 year old is passionate about all things sports including the NHL, NFL, NBA and more. Running his own podcast titled ‘The Josh Kirby on Sports Podcast’ “I have been passionate about sports for many years and I wanted to create an outlet to express my thoughts and opinions on sports topics” he said.

Josh has never known a life without DC sports. When it comes to hockey, his introduction to the Capitals really came about when a group of friends took him to his first game. “It was Caps vs Panthers and I got to see Jagr play too which was a really cool experience” he said. Like many Capitals fans, the journey of being a Washington fan had its challenges. “I was around for all the playoff losses against the Penguins” he said. “I started to think that this is typical DC sports” he continued. But in 2018, Josh felt something magical in the air. There was something different about that playoff run. “I knew something was going to happen and it did” he said. “It was one of the best sports moments of my life” he continued.

Josh is the perfect example of dedication to ‘Rocking the Red’. Living just one hour outside of DC, Josh is able to get to games easily to cheer on the Caps. “It is an electrifying atmosphere every time I attend a game”

The organization is special to Josh, his friends and his upbringing. “I have a lot of friends that follow the Caps and we get together and watch the games” he said. “It is always fun watching the games with friends” he said.

The Capitals are a special team and organization for Josh. Not only are they his hometown team but players such as Ovechkin and Backstrom have provided great memories for fans over the years. “It’s also great that the organization allows fans to be a part of practices for free” he said. “It is great to be able to watch how practices work and see the talent up close” he continued.

Josh is part of a young generation of Capitals fans who will continue to back the Caps for many years to come. Players like Ovechkin have introduced him to the amazing experience that is Capitals hockey and he will always rock the red!

Be sure to check out the “Josh Kirby on Sports Podcast.”