Caps Global Fan Series- Robbie Gross (Maryland, USA)

Posted February 9, 2020

For Maryland native Robbie Gross, hockey and the Capitals are a family affair. A graphic and web designer from Rockville, Robbie is as passionate a Caps fan as they come, to the point where he runs his own podcast and website centered around DC sports and the Capitals.

So what ignited Robbie’s passion for Capitals hockey? In began in 1998 when the Capitals were facing the Detroit Red Wings in the Stanley Cup Final. At 13 years old, Robbie was given his first taste of Capitals hockey in what would prove to be a life changing experience.

“We got to sit right behind the home bench and I got to give a high five to every player and coach as they came through. It was incredible” he said. The Red Wings claimed the Stanley Cup that season, but for Robbie, it was the beginning of a passionate journey.

“I hoped someday we would raise the cup too” he said. “I thought it might be sooner than twenty years later though.”

Robbie has followed the ups and downs of the Capitals ever since including some incredible goals and some heartbreaking losses. “I was lucky to see two historic dueling playoff hat tricks (Ovi vs Sid in a Playoff Game 2 and a Nicklas Backstrom OT Game winner the following year). Those were two of the best games I have ever gotten to see live.”

Speaking of Backstrom and Ovechkin, Robbie rates them as his favorite DC athletes of all time. “They are such an amazing combination together.”

“I have tried to watch every game since they have played together,” he said. However, when it comes to players, Robbie has great respect for the entire Capitals roster, especially for those who finally brought that elusive championship to DC.

For Robbie, the Stanley Cup Championship in 2018 was more than just a win, it was a moment in history that he will never forget. “The best feeling was touching that cup with my then pregnant wife. I can’t wait to show the picture to my son some day and say he got to be with us at the Cup.” Robbie is very much a family man and is aiming to raise his son as part of the next generation of Caps fans.

Being a fan himself, Robbie has had the opportunity to connect with fans from all walks of life by running the ‘Sports on the Hill Podcast’ every Monday night on the Tru Radio Network. “ I love talking Capitals hockey to fans new and old from around the world. I even join other podcasts from time to time to talk about them with other Caps fans.”

For Robbie, the Capitals are his passion and the organization is one for which he holds great respect. “I love how much they seem to care about the players. They really try to do whats in the best interest for them and the team and I think there is a great mutual respect between players and ownership.”

With a Capitals themed man cave among the best around, Robbie lives and breathes Capitals hockey and DC sports. But what makes it so special for him? For Robbie, it is the connections with others over a shared love for their team. “I get people over to my man cave and we all watch games and as the goal horn goes off we go crazy for each goal. Its so much fun.” Robbie loves how there are now Capitals fans across the globe and even yours truly has made an appearance on the ‘Sports on the Hill’ Podcast from Australia.

Robbie hopes to continue to engage with Capitals fans and share his love for Capitals hockey with others. For him, family is number one and he shares the amazing ride that is Capitals hockey with his wife and son. For him, that is what makes it the most special.

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