Michal Kempny Scores in First Game Back From Injury

Posted October 18, 2019

(Caps Outsider)

Caps defenseman Michal Kempny, who hasn’t played since tearing his hamstring March 20, scored in his first game back Friday, giving the Caps a 2-1 lead against the New York Rangers in the first period. The Caps won, 5-2.

Kempny snuck in from the point and cleaned up some garbage that Alex Ovechkin and John Carlson left behind.

“It feels pretty good,” Kempny said about scoring so soon after coming back. “Great shot my Johnny, you know, great job by O, battling up there. I just grabbed the puck and there was open net so a little lucky for me.”

Teammates then proceeded to mob Kempny, giving him facewashes and leaving him everything but pregnant. But Kempny was most thankful for just being able to return.

“I gotta say just thank you to all of the staff, organization, my teammates my family my friends who were support me all the way through here and helped me. It means a lot to me.”