Tom Wilson’s Metro Commercial

Posted July 10, 2019

Man-of-the-people Tom Wilson recently filmed a commercial for Metro, titled ‘Be Vigilant.’ If you see something, say something. That sorta thing.

As much as I’m glad Wilson did made this commercial, the more logical choice would’ve been T.J. Oshie, who famously rode the Metro, with Matt Niskanen, en route to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2018, and even got a bobblehead made of him sitting on the train with the Stanley Cup.

That said, Wilson did give a nod to Oshie:

“Thanks to @tjoshie7 for lending me the keys to his gameday ride,” he wrote on Instagram.

The Metro system right now has many problems, which won’t be solved by any commercial, but getting Wilson to film a commercial for them isn’t a bad thing.