Here’s a List of Weird Things That Happened in That Caps/Panthers Game

Posted October 19, 2018

“Hey ref, you are a suck!” (Caps Outsider)

Here’s a list of things that happened in the Caps’ 6-5 overtime loss to the Panthers that you don’t always see, especially in the same game:

  • You don’t normally see the Caps get outshot 11-5 in the first period against a winless team.
  • You don’t normally see the Caps go down 4-1 in the first period.
  • You don’t see Braden Holtby get pulled often, especially in the same game when the opposing goaltender also gets pulled.
  • You don’t normally come back in the second to tie the score, 4-4.
  • You don’t normally see 5-on-3 power plays – consecutively.
  • You don’t normally see Evgeny Kuznetsov get a technical foul.
  • You don’t normally see the Caps put up five goals without Alex Ovechkin getting one.
  • You don’t normally see a guy named Juho Lammikko.
  • You don’t normally see both Dino Ciccarelli and Larry Murphy at a Caps game.
  • You don’t normally see the Caps score a 6-on-4 goal to tie the game in the final minutes.
  • You don’t normally see 4-on-4 overtime for most of overtime because there was no whistle after the penalty expired.
  • You don’t normally see the Caps with a 2-1 shootout lead and still fall.
  • Braden Holtby should’ve played the shootout and the Caps probably wouldn’t won that game. That’s not a weird thing just an observation.
  • You don’t always see someone throw a rat on the ice after the game, which happened.