Caps to Raise Banner Against… the Bruins

Posted June 20, 2018

The Caps will open the 2017-18 at home on October 3 and raise the Stanley Cup banner, not against Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, the Rangers, a division rival, or any team they beat in the playoffs, but against the Boston Bruins.

The entire run to the Stanley Cup was a cathartic experience for the Caps, and raising the championship banner against their biggest rival, the Penguins, would have capped it off perfectly.

In recent years, the NHL has scheduled the home openers for Stanley Cup winning teams against rivals. In 2016, the Penguins raised the banner in front of the Caps. In 2014, the Kings opened against the Sharks. In 2010, Chicago opened against the Red Wings, and in 2009 the Penguins opened against the Rangers.

To make matters worse, the Caps will then travel to Pittsburgh to play the Pens the next night.

Perhaps logistics didn’t allow the NHL to have the Penguins in Washington for the home opener, but who really knows? Raising the banner in front of Pittsburgh would have been far more meaningful to the Caps and their fans, and it’s a shame that it won’t happen.