The Great 8: Playoff Milestone Has Been Elusive

Posted May 6, 2018

(Caps Outsider)

Late last season, a Caps’ season ticket holder told me he’d be happy if the Caps just got out of the second round. The team was in the midst of winning its second consecutive Presidents’ Trophy, and this fan just wanted a second round win.

He was just being realistic. While everyone dreams of winning the Stanley Cup, it doesn’t happen without first winning in the second round, which the Caps haven’t done in 20 years. In the Rock the Red era, the Caps have topped off at seven playoff wins in 2009, 2012, 2015, and 2017 before losing in heartbreaking Game 7s (not counting the Game 7 first round losses or the Game 6 second round loss to Pittsburgh). The Penguins and the New York Rangers have each beaten the Caps twice in these games, keeping them out of the Conference Final.

With a 6-3 win Saturday, the Caps are heading back the Pittsburgh, with two shots at advancing. We all know that the Penguins won’t roll over over, and this series may very well come back to Washington.

Either way, for the sake of this fan, for the sake of changing this tired narrative, for the sake of the legacy of Alex Ovechkin, for the sake of the players, owners, fans, and Washington D.C. sports, get that eighth win, Caps.