Congratulations, Alex Ovechkin, on 1,000 Games

Posted April 1, 2018

In many ways, playing 1,000 games is one of the least impressive feats in Alex Ovechkin’s illustrious career. After all, he’s the 321th player to do so (including two goalies), and 242 of those folks aren’t even in the Hall of Fame. I mean, how lame is that? So, it’s fair to say that you need to be really good at hockey to play 1,000 games, but you don’t need to be a superstar.

What is very impressive about Ovechkin achieving the quadruple digits is the number of total games in which he did it – 1029. He missed 17 of those because of various injuries, seven due to on-ice suspensions, one because he overslept for a practice and the team didn’t let him play, one because he skipped the All Star  game, one because his grandfather died, and a couple others we don’t remember.

Ovechkin is in his 13th season with the Caps. Calle Johansson, who played the second most games for Washington, played 983 – in 15 seasons.

Anyway, congratulations, Ovi, on game no. 1000.

Go Caps.