Ladies Night: Hockey & Heels in Hershey (Photos)

Posted January 18, 2018

Hockey is taking it outside this weekend in Hershey Pennsylvania as the Hershey Bears host the Lehigh Valley Phantoms. Along with the hockey, there are many other festivities to go along.

The alumni game on Friday between the Hershey Bears and Philadelphia Flyers, the Pepsi fan fest before each game of Friday and Saturday and meeting players through out the weekend.

One event that has happened for the last five years is the Hockey & Heels event. This night is just for the ladies to come out, enjoy each others company while skating with some of the players. This year took on a different role as it was hosted on the outdoor rink at Hershey Park Arena.

Everyone filed into the warm tent to get some appetizers, purchase their Outdoor Classic gear and to mingle. Roaming through the tent was Dean Arsene and Quintin Laing, who will both be representing the Hershey Bears for tomorrow nights alumni game.

Quintin Laing of the alumni Bears! (Cory Lyons)

The ladies were split up into two groups. One group would have a sit down inside the tent while the others would go ice skating with some current Bears players.

In the tent, there was a presentation by the heads of construction along with Lucas Johansen and Jonas Seigenthaler.  During this presentation, the ladies learned about the process of building the rink outside and the completions of weather throughout the weeks of building. One nice fact about this rink.  It was the same rink used in Buffalo for the World Junior Championship outdoor game between Canada and the USA.

Jonas Siegenthaler answering questions during Q & A. (Cory Lyons)

Outside was Colby Williams, Connor Hobbs, Mason Mitchell, Tyler Lewington and Coco the Bear as they skated with all their lady fans. Some would use their time to ask for pointers of stopping while others just wanted a selfie with their favorite player.

Players making their way to the rink. (Cory Lyons)

This event is a great start to this weekends festivities. If this was a hint of what is to come on Friday and Saturday, then we will be in for a treat in Chocolate Town.

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