Fight! Tom Wilson vs. Patrick Maroon

Posted November 12, 2017

When Patrick Maroon mauled Tom Wilson from behind, tackled him to the ice, and drew coincidental minor penalties, we knew it wouldn’t be long. Patrick would have to be a real Maroon to not know that Wilson was going to want to toss the gloves as soon as the two emerged from the penalty box. Thus it happened, and few people were surprised when the two ended the period dancing with their fists.

Some may have been surprised however at how well Maroon (a 1st line player) handled the bout. In fact he is no stranger to the sweet science, and participated in as many fights last season as our beloved Wilson. The pair were evenly matched in size and skill, and it was one the better fights that we’ve seen recently. We’ll give the edge to Wilson, but we are admittedly a bit biased. Our guess is that the vote at will come out a draw.