Farewell Justin Williams

Posted July 1, 2017

(Caps Outsider)

One of the things that makes an athlete stand out, other than their performance during a game, is their personality. Justin Williams had it, and then some. Armed with a sarcastic smirk and quick-witted answers to dumb questions, Williams came to Washington for two years, leaving his own unique mark in the locker room. He’s now heading back to Carolina, where he won his first Stanley Cup.

Williams, known as ‘Stick’ for some reason, only played in Washington for two seasons during a time in which the team was supposed to win a Stanley Cup. While that did not happen, we’ll still have fond memories of Williams, his scoring, and his sense of humor.

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(Caps Outsider)

Tom Wilson and Justin Williams (Caps Outsider)

Williams’ daughter, Jade, poses for a photo with dad.

1,000 games in the NHL!