McPhee Makes It Plain: He’s Gunning For Caps

Posted April 1, 2017

Ever since NHL wheeler-and-dealer George McPhee was put in charge of the Golden Knights, there’s been speculation about who he’ll grab in the expansion draft. Everyone who qualifies as a big name is going to be protected, as well as the NTC/NMC holders, so who’s left? How to fill that ridiculous salary cap?

After consulting with reputable (if anonymous) sources, Caps Outsider is pleased to tell you that we’ve got the inside scoop.  Here’s a taste of what we can expect in June. Prepare to see some familiar faces enjoying the sunshine in Vegas next October:

A Few Forwards

Alexander Semin.  While he’s been kicking back in the KHL (and winning awards for “Prettiest Goal”), only a fool would turn down a phone call from George McPhee when the man has a brand new budget to play with.

Jason Chimera. When he played for the Caps under McPhee, there was nobody faster than Chimmer.  Coming off of a solid season with the Islanders, he’s a chance to add veteran experience without a long-term commitment – his current contract expires in 2018.

Eric Fehr.  Solid, dependable, and with only a short stopover in Pittsburgh, he’s McPhee’s favourite style of grinder.  He’s a no-brainer from the Maple Leafs.

A Defensive Pair

Karl Alzner.  With his contract expiring this summer, #27 is due to be ripe for the open market. Not only will he be free of team entanglements – leaving McPhee flexibility in whom he pursues off of existing rosters – but he’s a stay-at-home defenseman who can comfortably balance Mike Green’s tendency to wander.

Mike Green.  Yes, he loves Detroit.  Yes, he has stayed healthy for a remarkable period of time.  Yes, he has a No Trade Clause.  However, he’s also got a lot of loyalty to the man who drafted him (and let’s be honest, winter in Detroit isn’t any more pleasant than winter in Alberta).  He also has a very appealing $6M cap hit.

A Great Goalie

Philipp Grubauer. He’s  the one everyone’s been talking about when it comes to a selection from the existing Caps roster.  He’s a rising goalie with phenomenal potential, who combines playoff credentials with the unfortunate reality that he’s unlikely to usurp the Holtbeast anytime soon.

As always, the staff at Capitals Outsider wishes everyone a Happy April Fool’s Day!