Charlie’s Caps Christmas Shirt

Posted December 30, 2016

(Caps Outsider)

Caps shirt guy Charlie McManus showed up to Thursday’s Caps/Devils game in his newest custom-made shirt, featuring a bunch of Caps players in Santa hats. The Caps even tweeted out a photo of it. He wanted to wear it for this past Friday’s game but it didn’t arrive on time.

For those of you who missed it, Charlie auctioned off several of his older shirts at Caps Casino Night, bringing in well over $600 for charity. He also gave a shirt of T.J. Oshie to Oshie himself, and a shirt of Michael Latta to his old roommate, Tom Wilson. No word if Wilson wears the Latta shirt around the house, but here’s hoping.

Also, several fans who sit near Charlie ended up as the winning bidders for his shirts, and took this photo with them a few weeks ago:

Here he is at Caps Casino Night:

And a photo of him from back in October wearing the best shirt he ever made, with Nate SchmidtJay Beagle and Karl Alzner.