Star Wars Day at the Caps Game!

Posted December 11, 2016

A rare 5:00 pm hockey game at Verizon Center provided the backdrop for the Caps first STAR WARS ™ Day. No matter what force was with you, everyone enjoyed Star Wars themed festivities and in-game entertainment. The arena was alive with clones of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia and assorted Stormtroopers, to name a few.

Star Wars hit movie screens in 1977 with the release of the film originally entitled Star Wars, which was then subtitled Episode IV: A New Hope in 1981. Star Wars soon became came a beloved cinematic franchise with new characters, unparalleled adventures and phenomenal special effects enhancing each new episode. The latest installment, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) is the beginning of an upcoming series of anthology films. The mega-billion dollar Star Wars franchise, originally owned by creator George Lucas (Lucasfilm Ltd.), was sold to The Walt Disney Company in 2012. With astronomical merchandising sales Star Wars holds a Guinness World Record title for the “Most successful film merchandising franchise” to date. No wonder so many Caps fans are also Star Wars fanatics!

The Caps took the ice led by their mascot, Slapshot,  performing his usual antics aboard his familiar ATV dressed as Luke Skywalker.  Princess Leia made an appearance perched on the back of the ATV with Slapshot…oh, I mean Luke, and the team was flanked by Stormtroopers as they were announced.   The first intermission entertainment was a game of Yodas vs. Ewoks a.k.a. Mites on Ice.  The second intermission featured a dramatic Jedi Saber Combat center ice. Star Wars themed music was played throughout the game, and Star Wars references and film clips were shown on the big screen. Darth Vader even made an appearance to ‘unleash the fury’.

“I am part of 500 1st Legion,” said Chris who says he’s one of the ‘bad guys’ from Star Wars.  “It is a nonprofit international Star Wars costuming organization.  I was invited by Monumental Sports and Entertainment to help promote the Caps’ first STAR WARS™ Day.”

Here he is with 5 year old Owen from D.C.


Joe from LaPlata and Norman from D.C. are also part of the same organization, but they are known as Rebel Legion. “We’re the ‘good guys’,” Joe said.  “We appear at educational, community, and charity events.”


The Red Rockers really got into the Star Wars spirit by dressing up as many of the popular, cherished characters.


It was a great day at the arena.  The first STAR WARS ™ Day was a complete success and, of course, the Caps shutout the Vancouver Canucks, 3-0.  I guess the force was with them, too!