Caps Have Some Major Secrets

Posted April 14, 2016

(Caps Outsider)

Last year, and seasons prior, the Caps divulged quite a bit of information. I mean, they showed us their hard hat player of the game and Honest Abe. They showed us their playoff wins photo where they peeled off a piece after every victory (though they only peeled off 7 of 16 pieces).

Are they doing something similar this year?

“Locker room secret!” Jay Beagle said after the game. “I’m so secretive always.”

Beagle also said the NHL Network mentioned something to him on the air that they weren’t supposed to know. “I said, ‘You guys aren’t supposed to know that,’ and they said ‘Oh, oh, oh.'”

Beagle had some family in attendance, including his wife and son, who got to see him score the second goal of the game. “I closed my eyes and it went in,” he said.