Michael Latta, Dirty Player?

Posted March 29, 2016

Michael Latta (Caps Outsider)

In a poll released today by Sun Media, NHL players named Caps players a few times, though none of them were the ‘winners.’

For the question, “Who has made the biggest impression on you this year?” Braden HoltbyEvgeny Kuznetsov and Alex Ovechkin each got a vote.


For the question, “Who’s the dirtiest player in the NHL?” someone name-dropped Michael Latta.

Not Tom Wilson, who plays more and is the second most penalized player in the league, but his good buddy Latta.

These lists are fun to read but they didn’t really poll that many players, so we can’t make too much of the fact that one NHLer named Latta as the league’s dirtiest player. Our sense is, it was a player that had a run-in with Latta that left an impression. Our guess is Cal Clutterbuck, because of that time Latta tried to eat his stick.

One other interesting answer on the poll: 1,000 fans answered, “Who Will Win the Stanley Cup?”

Winner: Washington Capitals (31%)