Tale of the Tape: Michael Latta vs. Chris Wagner

Posted November 22, 2015

Michael Latta – Height – 6-foot-0, Weight – 207 lbs., 12 Career NHL Regular Season Fights

Chris Wagner – Height – 6-foot-0, Weight – 195 lbs., 1 Career NHL Regular Season Fight

Verizon Center, Nov. 22. 11:47 into the second period. Caps up 4-1

“You’re mustache sucks,” Chris Wagner said to Michael Latta with a snicker as the two took their pregame warmup.

“Welp, I guess I have to kill him,” Latta thought to himself.

So when the two took the ice, Latta lined him up, and Wagner knew he immediately would have to fend for his life, and it was on.

Latta immediately proceeds to manhandle Wagner, pinning him against the boards. Wagner pulls away, and Latta just patiently waits for an opportunity to deck Wagner in the face. The opportunity presents itself, and Latta proceeded to deck Wagner in the face. Twice. Wagner tried to fire back and Latta, but Latta knew he had proven his point, and proceeded to throw Wagner to the ground. And it abruptly ended.

And….the winner is….MICHAEL LATTA. Seriously, Chris, don’t mess with the man’s mustache.