Oshie Skates With Kids in Skills Competition

Posted November 22, 2015

Why did T.J. Oshie have a maintenance day during the Capitals practice today? It probably had something to do with his workout later in the day at Skate Frederick.

In a skills competition for kids sponsored by AAA in Frederick, MD., Oshie went out on the ice and had a ball with several hockey players from around the area.

With several different stations located across the ice, Oshie would join each group and play a little bit of shimmy and keep away. Most of the time, Oshie would serve up perfect passes for his new team mates to score. But sometimes, he would really strut his stuff, especially in the keep away station.

“Uh, oh,” Joe Beninati, who commentated the event, laughed when Oshie got to the keep away area. Oshie would push a ring using only the butt of his stick around each kid, who desperately flailed about to knock the ring off of his stick.

Oshie, who came out on the ice to a loud “USA” chant, reached out to every kid on the ice, offering his glove for a fist bump and rubbing each kids head. And when one kid managed to knock the puck off of Oshie’s stick, Oshie picked him up and pinned him to the boards, laughing.

The event was hosted by AAA Mid-Atlantic. The mission statement was to thank hockey parents for their continuous support and dedication to the sport their kids love. AAA Mid-Atlantic also launched a hashtag campaign, where people can use a the hashtag #ShareYourJourney to talk about their hockey-related stories on the road. Because, as one AAA Mid-Atlantic representative put it, you have your close knit family at home, but you also have a family you build with your team.

This was Oshie’s first event with AAA Mid-Atlantic. AAA Mid-Atlantic has done this event in the passed, using Philadelphia Flyers forward Claude Giroux.

Check out some photos from the event: