Justin Williams’ Son Is Happy He’s a Cap

Posted July 2, 2015

People tend to forget that when a free agent decides to pick up and join a new team, there are others who would like to have a say.

Take Justin Williams for example. He has a soon to be 7-year-old son named Jaxon. And Jaxon had a great idea about where his Dad should go to play hockey.

“It’s actually funny,” Williams said. “He’ll be seven tomorrow, and he gets that his father plays in the NHL and what not. He even said a month ago ‘Daddy, if we don’t go back to LA, I think you should go and play with Ovechkin, because he’s the best.”

Hey, Jaxon sounds like a pretty smart hockey fan, because he’s right. Ovi is the best, and now he has a great scorer to play alongside with in Williams. Or, Williams could be utilized as a second scoring threat. We are just happy to have Jaxon’s versatile Dad on the Capitals.

Williams continuously said in his conference call that he felt like Washington was the best choice for him, and he was excited to play for a contending team like the Capitals. But he obviously wasn’t the only one that was thrilled with the signing….

“My son’s excited,” Williams said. “He woke up this morning and said ‘Daddy, where are we playing?’ I told him Washington and he was all smiles. So I passed the test. I’m happy about that.”

So now the Capitals have a brand new fan in Jaxon. He’ll quickly learn to cheer loud and rock the red. But what red will he be rocking?

“I just hope he has one of my jerseys on instead of Ovi’s at the games,” Williams said with a laugh.