Alex Ovechkin Team Record Watch

Posted March 27, 2015

Ovi always practices his one-timers during pre-game warm-ups. (Caps Outsider)

Alex Ovechkin has broken several Caps records lately – almost all of which were previously owned by Peter Bondra –  but there are a couple major ones he has yet to get.

While the total number of Caps goals scored is well within reach (he trails Bondra by three), there’s one he may not get until early next season, unless he goes on an epic goal-scoring binge in the last few weeks of the season. He’s still ten goals behind Bondra at even strength. Here’s where he stands:

Total Caps goals

1. Peter Bondra 472
2. Alex Ovechkin 469

Even strength goals

1. Peter Bondra 303
2. Alex Ovechkin 293

I wonder if Bondra calls to congratulate Ovi after each of these records falls.

Game-winning goals in a season

1. Peter Bondra 13 1997-98
2. Mike Gartner* 11 1984-85
Alex Ovechkin 11 2010-11
Alex Ovechkin 11 2007-08
Alex Ovechkin 11 2014-15

This year, Ovi tied himself for a career high, but is still three short of the record. Of course, this record requires some luck.

Short-handed goals

1. Peter Bondra 32
Alex Ovechkin 4

Errr, not going to happen.

Career hat tricks

1. Peter Bondra 19
2. Alex Ovechkin 13

Bondra may always keep this record.

Hat tricks in a season

1. Alexander Semin 4 2010-11
Peter Bondra 4 1995-96
3. Peter Bondra 3 2000-01
Alex Ovechkin 3 2008-09
Alex Ovechkin 3 2007-08
Peter Bondra 3 1998-99

Ovi’s two-goal game binges are good enough.