Tale of the Tape: Jason Chimera vs. Mike Weber

Posted March 8, 2015

Jason Chimera – 6’3″, 213 lbs. 31 Career NHL Regular Season Fights.

Mike Weber – 6’2″, 212 lbs. 19 Career NHL Regular Season Fights.

Saturday, March 7, 2015.  1:19 into the third period. Caps up 4-1.

Jason Chimera takes a tumble in the corner after Mike Weber appeared to get his stick under Chimera’s feet. Chimera decided his best move was to just continue sitting square on his butt and let the Sabres try to push the puck off of him. In true Sabre fashion, they could not push the puck away from the fallen down opponent. Frustrated, Chimera looks up at Weber and laughs at the patheticness. Weber answers something, but Chimera opted to ignore. Any Sabre’s opinion does not matter, as they are not worthy of forming an opinion in the NHL. Chimera explained this to him, and also stated that he could beat up Mike Weber blindfolded.

So that’s exactly what he did. To prove his point, Chimera pulled his jersey over his own head to see if he could in fact fight a Buffalo Sabres blindfolded.

He could! It turns out, if you just pull your jersey over your eyes, and aimlessly throw punches in every direction you can, you can in fact hit a Sabre on occation! Weber brings in Chimera closer, because he literally has no idea what to do in this situation, as he is a Sabre, and Sabre’s do not know what to do in many hockey situations they approve. BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! Chimera blindly fires away.

And…the winner is….JASON CHIMERA