Caps Fans’ Favorite Dominik Hasek Moment

Posted January 13, 2015

Dominik Hasek’s #39 will be retired by the Buffalo Sabres this evening, which got us thinking about one of our favorite moments in Capital’s history. The Caps’ run to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1998 was simply magical. The magic ran out in the finals against Detroit, which makes that series quite forgettable. However the series against Buffalo in the 1998 Eastern Conference Finals is easily the playoff highpoint for the franchise. One moment stands out above all the rest in that series, a Game 2 play where two stars collided, and one lost his cool…

Peter Bondra and Dominik Hasek were friends, but in that instance you could clearly see Bondra getting into the Dominator’s head. The Capitals would go on to win that game, and the series in 6. Dominik Hasek was one of the best ever, but for one series in 1998, Peter Bondra dominated the Dominator.

An interesting footnote is the comment at the end of this extended video below. President Clinton was in attendance, the first time a U.S. President went to an NHL game.