Is Caps’ Slapshot Bobblehead a Cannibal?

Posted November 18, 2014

Photos by Andy Wallace

The next limited edition Slapshot bobblehead has finally arrived and he looks like he’s ready to dig in to a Thanksgiving feast. For the month of November, we have a bobblehead of Slapshot decked out in full on pilgrim attire. Everything about him is straight from 17th century, except for his trademark shoes of course, along with an awesome Capitals themed pilgrim hat. The base has no special light up features, unlike the Halloween one which had the glowing pumpkin, but it does have another mini bobble, a little turkey, standing peaking out from behind Slapshot. Along with his pilgrim attire Slapshot has a fork in one hand and a cooked turkey in the other. Some controversy however has sparked from this saying that are good old friend Slapshot is a cannibal!

However our experts have debunked the accusation stating that he obviously isn’t and he just wants to be accepted by the Caps community.

We at Caps Outsider still love the idea of a brand new bobblehead being released each month and if you take a look at the pictures below were sure you’ll see why. Look out for the next Bobble of the Month when we hope to see our friend Slapshot lighting up a Christmas tree for the month of December!

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