Getting to Know Evgeny Kuznetsov

Posted September 10, 2014

Photos by Caps Outsider

Caps rookie Evgeny Kuznetsov made his way to Verizon Center on Wednesday, where fans stood in a long line to meet the young Russian and get an autograph. The 22-year-old engaged with fans with pleasantries and light-hearted jokes, and signing everything folks put down in front of him.

Though he’s not shy to speak English when he knows the words, Kuznetsov is still grasping the language and intends to learn even more with a teacher once the season starts. He says it’s still ‘tough’ for him to understand American movies and T.V. shows, but he’ll still watch comedies and sports on television. As of now, he doesn’t practice English with Alex Ovechkin – they only speak Russian to each other.

As for food? “My favorite is my wife cook at home, make homemade,” he said when asked about his favorite restaurant in D.C. He also said he likes “Sushi, Italian, and good steak.”

As Kuznetsov gets settled in D.C. and used to the language, at least one member of his family hasn’t joined him yet. “I have a dog back home. I will bring my dog after New Year. Julietta.”

Here are more photos of Kuznetsov hanging out with fans.


Kuznetsov posed for photos with a few lucky fans, especially fellow Russians.


Kuznetsov signs one of his hockey cards.


Kuznetsov not only signed personal items, but also offered a signed photo as well.


Kuznetsov signs a photo of himself with a fan at the Caps Casino Night. He noted that it was not his first time in a casino.


Kuznetsov signs his Traktor jersey.


Kuznetsov signs his road jersey.


Kuznetsov has a stack of photos and went through almost all of them. He did, however, keep a few for himself.