Ward Donates Blood, Talks Bobbleheads

Posted July 27, 2014

Via Inova Facebook Page

This past weekend, the second level of Kettler Capitals Iceplex was jam packed for Inova’s 2014 Summer Blood Drive. The turnout was great with more than 800 people showing up. Although the Joel Ward bobblehead was delayed, folks still came in good spirits because they were all together for a much greater cause.

Instead of the bobblehead, which they’ll get at a later date, Caps fans instead got to meet the real Joel Ward. He showed up for his one o’clock appointment ready to meet and greet every fan in the building before donating a pint of his own. Making his way to the back of the donation center and working all the way to the front, he spent almost an hour making sure he introduced himself to everyone, signing autographs and taking pictures for whoever asked. Afterward, it was time for him to sit down and begin his screening to ensure he was healthy enough to donate. After donating, he was happy enough to talk to us about the event being held while giving blood for the first time in a long time.

Via Inova Facebook Page

Via Inova Facebook Page

Joel getting screened to ensure he's healthy enough to donate

Joel getting screened. (Caps Outsider)

“It’s big obviously for people here coming out on a Saturday and it shows a lot about the person,” Ward said. “Anytime you give back is always good, especially to the community in any way possible regardless if it’s donating blood.” He also happy to see that Caps fans were able to come together in strong numbers during the offseason for something non-hockey related. “The t-shirts, the hats, and the jerseys were pretty cool to see,” he said. “Everybody is excited for the new year and it should be fun.”

Joel preparing to give blood

Joel preparing to give blood. (Caps Outsider)

As for the bobblehead, he said one previously made of him in Nashville “wasn’t even close” but his family thought Inova’s was much more accurate (pictures had been released). His mom won’t be too happy though as she was expecting him to be bringing one home to her after the big weekend. He doesn’t mind waiting, however, and neither do his friends as he said that he has “gained a lot more friends because there’s a bobblehead,” and that nobody calls him for anything else, but once he was made into a bobblehead it was “automatic.”

Joel meeting with some of the women behind the event

Joel meeting with some of the women behind the event.

The upcoming blood drive dates haven’t been announced yet, but Inova is in talks with the Caps to set up future drives.

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