Jakub Vrana Reflects on His Dazzling Shootout Goal

Posted July 13, 2014

A few days ago, the newest Caps’ first round draft pick, Jakub Vrana, showed off his hockey skills in a shootout during Caps Development Camp that most people wouldn’t expect out of a kid his age. He began by skating towards the net normally but followed it up with a move that had the goaltender down and out as Vrana stopped on a dime and changed his direction to score what he made look like an easy goal. Here’s a clip of the goal that had everyone at Kettler cheering for the new draftee.

Had he tried that move before?

“Actually no, you know I was called for shootout and just get in and I tried to try this and this worked so I was happy about that” and it was “the first thing I got in my head.”

He also said that he’s always been called upon by his previous coaches to participate in the shootout, so we may have another shootout specialist on our hands. Here’s another video of a shootout move Vrana has used in the past.