The End of Season Caps Poem

Posted April 14, 2014

(Photo by Caps Outsider)

Here’s to the Washington Capitals
You will not play post season,
You’ll watch the playoffs on TV
Pondering the reason.

Fans know you’re disappointed, too
As your season fades to black,
We feel your pain, believe me
Caps need changes, that’s a fact.

Will GMGM get fired?
Will Adam Oates hang on?
Will Ovi remain the captain?
Will Halak be gone?

Will Greenie still be injured?
Will Wilson curb the fights?
Will there be wins in regulation?
Will shootouts reignite?

Will the lines be so creative?
Will Brooksy ever play?
Will tough defense be acquired?
Will Holtby have his day?

Many questions needing answers
Fans must wait and see,
Hoping for a shake-up
That brings productivity.

So, here’s to the Washington Capitals
Work out and train this summer,
‘Cause we can’t repeat this season
It really was a bummer.