Caps Minifigures Released!

Posted February 11, 2014

The Ovi minifigure has all his teeth. Hmmmm.

Mike Green, Nicklas Backstrom, and Alex Ovechkin were all miniaturized in fake LEGO form by a company that goes by the name “Oyo”. Although the company has been producing baseball figures since 2011, football and hockey started coming out more recently. They have been releasing the NHL teams as expansions starting with the original six, then getting to the first expansion era which includes your Washington Capitals. Although they have only released figures so far, let’s keep an eye out for mini ice sets, since they’ve made an endzone for NFL players and an infield for the baseball ones. Now let’s take a look at the images released for these Caps figures. Each costs $12.99 and are limited. Perhaps more players will come out in the future.

Check out these custom minifigs sold on eBay.

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backstrom lego

Nicklas Backstrom

mike green lego

Mike Green