Ovechkin, RGIII, Harper and Wall LEGO Figures

Posted September 4, 2013

Photo via skinsfandc

In an attempt to be the absolute go-to blog for all things related to the Capitals and LEGO, Caps Outsider found yet another custom (and for sale) Alex Ovechkin LEGO minifigure. Get this one for $24 on eBay. This one comes with ice skates, a stick, and has a certain facial feature that makes him look like Ovi.

But wait! There’s one more. The following is also from skinsfandc but has a different face, shoulder pads/chest plate, and different socks. It’s also $24. Neither have the captain’s ‘C’ which is unfortunate.


Here’s the one we found before, which is still available for $32.45. This does not include the skates and stick, but the helmet has the Caps logo on it and it’s got the C on the jersey:


Also check out the generic Caps LEGO minifigure we found (not nearly as interesting).

While we’re at it, here are three other figures you may be interested in. This guy’s name is Robert Griffin III, but he’s not a hockey player. Football, I hear. Washington Redskins.

But wait! There’s more. Here are two custom Bryce Haper LEGO minifig, who likely falls apart when thrown against a wall:

And let’s not forget Washington Wizard John Wall:

Lastly, this never gets old:

By Dave Delisle of Dave’s Geeky Ideas.

By Johannes Wessmark, and is available as either a card or a print.Purchase it here.