Musical Net: A Caps’ Goalie Nursery Rhyme

Posted January 10, 2014

Braden Holtby (Caps Outsider)

Neuvy, Neuvy stepped on a puck,
Neuvy, Neuvy had some bad luck,
All the Caps’ doctors agreed
He should be observed
So, Neuvy was put on injured reserve.

Holtby, Holtby got bombarded in net,
Holbty, Holtby got really upset,
All the Caps’ coaches tried
His psyche to mend
They’re still trying to put Holtby together again.

Gruby, Gruby made a big splash,
Gruby, Gruby, soon, will be rolling in cash,
All the Caps’ coaches
And all the Caps’ fans
Are happy to have Gruby in goal
He’s the man!